History, Culture, Dream, Magic …Your own Athens
Athens: A modern city with a history of … 6,000 years awaits you. In general Athens is all a sunny, hospitable and clean city with modern infastructure, quality service and safety, a city open to all and alive at all times, year round, is waiting for you to discover it! Firstly, you can visit the monuments and museums that attract millions of visitors from all over the world. Also you can enjoy a short or longer excursion to the beautiful islands reveling in the famous blue Attic sky. Of course do not forget the dozens of organized beaches or dreamy secluded coasts. Live the dream of a cruise in the majestic Aegean or stroll through the squares, the bustling commercial streets, the historical quarters. Enjoy the beauty of simple pleasures in a classic Greek coffee-house or even a neighborhood tavern. Additionally you can enjoy the theater, music and the arts in a place that bore and fostered culture. Have endless fun at the numerous night clubs of a city that never sleeps! Start with your own place which is your base for a brief or lengthy stay. Select your ideal property through Golden Home Holidays’ vast selection – be it a lovely villa by the sea or in the verdant suburbs. Finally enjoy Athens and make the most of it!

Find a Villa in Your Own Athens