Website terms & conditions

Usage of the website

The website is the intellectual property of the real estate company «N.Galatis & Co, General Partnership» with the distinctive title GOLDEN HOME Real Estate, located in Attica, Greece, 122 Vouliagmenis Ave., 167 77 Elliniko, hereinafter referred to as “firm”. Usage of the site is free to all internet users in order to inform and create demand of the mediation services provided by the company with the distinctive title GOLDEN HOME Holidays. In case you use this website and make use of any information contained therein, you automatically accept all the terms of use of the website below, which we advise you to read.


Accept the cooperation terms with Golden Home Holidays

In case you work with Golden Home Holidays through the current website, we advise you to also read the Booking Terms & Conditions.


Restrictions of the use of the website

Use of the current website is limited to (a) the owners of the houses that are promoted through the current website and (b) any individual who is interested in renting or buying a house that is promoted in the current website. Tourism professionals or brokers that mediate for house promotion either for lease or sale, or those who represent potential tenants or home buyers are allowed to use this website only if they have signed a cooperation contract with the firm. Any other use is restricted. Specifically, the following are explicitly prohibited:

  • Any commercial use in which GOLDEN HOME Holidays does not participate
  • Any use of this website mechanisms in order to create demand or transactions that bypass GOLDEN HOME Holidays
  • Any copy, reproduction, uploading to another website / webpage, republication, distributing of the contents of this website without the written permission of the firm
  • Any use of this website that may hamper the normal operation of the site or may damage the interests of the house owners that are promoted through this website


Intellectual property

All contents of the current website are protected by the law about intellectual property that is applicable in Greece and internationally. In case that you use this website according to the term (3), you may use the contents only for your convenience in order to investigate or to make rental accommodation. The use for any other cause is forbidden.


Personal data

If you enter your name, e-mail or any other personal information required to serve the purpose of your cooperation with GOLDEN HOME Holidays, you automatically provide the company and its consultants permission to contact you for the purposes of your cooperation. It is possible that in the future you will receive promotion messages associated with the operation of GOLDEN HOME Holidays. In case you do not wish to receive such messages, you may declare it, at any time, by unsubscribing from the list.


Identity certification

Full access to all services provided by the company through this site is for users who wish to enroll in this as authorized users, stating their electronic identity with the username and password that they themselves enter. Such data are intended only for the specific use and is completely confidential. It is also provided, through this website the use of credit card or bank account for the users who wish to make house lease reservation. For these uses, the firm states that each user accepts that the firm assumes no responsibility for any transactions by non-certified persons who do not work for the firm. Also, each user accepts the company’s ability to eliminate a user’s account without notice and without his authorization, in case the user takes in suspicious acts via this website.


Social networks

In case the site refers or connects with social networks, for a broader promotion of its services to the general public, the firm is not responsible for (a) information or content that is handled through social networks, (b) the access terms for social networks which are defined only by the social networks themselves, (c) the management of a user’s account in any social network, which is subject to the terms that are determined by the network itself.


Comments and user suggestions

Some users send to the firm written comments and suggestions for improvement of the services displayed through this Site. The firm is studying every comment and it takes under serious consideration any proposition, but it is not bound to follow it, in any way.


Limits of legal liability

Under no circumstances the firm has any legal responsibility for possible losses of revenue from the use of the website, besides the transactions that are made through bank accounts or credit accounts and only in the cases that they are in accordance with the written instructions of the firm and while a booking is placed for an accommodation which is displayed on the website. If a user does not agree with the terms of use of the site, he has no obligation to continue using it.