Booking terms & conditions

The Company

GOLDEN HOME Holidays is part of the real estate firm «Ν. Galatis & Co, General Partnership» with the distinctive title GOLDEN HOME Real Estate, based in Attica, 122 L. Vouliagmenis, 167 77 Elliniko, Athens, Greece. The firm is an intermediary between the owners of holiday houses and the summer-tenants who rent them for brief or longer stays. Moreover, it is an intermediary between the owners of holiday houses for rent and buyers.



GOLDEN HOME’s consultants select and document the houses they deem appropriate for holiday accommodation and promote them to tenants who are interested (henceforth guests). They come to an agreement with owners who provide all necessary information, set the rental prices and availability periods and approve the promotion of the property via GOLDEN HOME Holidays. A prerequisite for collaboration is the special registration sign issued by the G.N.T.O. (Greek National Tourism Organization).



The reservations department manages guest requests, suggests suitable houses and makes reservations for the selected residences in the chosen periods, provided there is availability. Concomitantly, the service department offers guests relative supplementary services so that they may enjoy all the desirable amenities, proposing to them, as an intermediary, suppliers and service providers. Reservations are always placed by written correspondence or by e-mail and they are confirmed by the firm and the clients (individuals or professionals) after an advance payment has being made. The reservation date is the day when the agreed deposit is made. All bookings are paid in advance by the guests or the professionals who represent them via the firm. Failure to deposit the agreed amount in full gives the firm the right to cancel reservation and, possibly, to demand a cancellation-fee, according to the cancelation policy that is stated in article 9. The guest or the professional who represents him/her acts on behalf of the family or group that is to stay in the residence. He has the obligation to inform all individuals and provide the details about the terms of residence. The members of the family or group that are to stay in the residence have the same responsibilities as the representative who made the reservation.



For all the above mediation services, GOLDEN HOME Holidays cooperates with (a) any physical person or professional who owns houses suitable for rental as holiday accommodation, (b) any professional who provides relative or complementary services with the rental of the holiday accommodations, (c) any individual who desires to rent for a certain period of time one of the holiday-houses that GOLDEN HOME Holidays manages as summer-residence, (d) any tourism or real estate professional or counselor who represents holiday-guests who want to rent one of GOLDEN HOME Holiday’s houses for a certain period of time.


Rental Prices

Rental prices are set in euro by the owners of the houses for the entire next season. They are in force for the calendar year that is mentioned on the price-list of GOLDEN HOME Holidays. In the case that the property owners change the prices, the guests will be informed automatically through the firm representatives. If a reservation deposit has been made for the total or the partial agreed amount, then there cannot be any price changing.


Firm’s responsibilities

The company is responsible for (a) correctly communicating any information given by the owner of a house, (b) ensuring constant accessibility to the communication and promotion channels of the houses, (c) ensuring the correct and timely reservation when it is asked by the guests, (d) fulfilling the reservation terms towards the guests, as they have been agreed at the reservation, (e) welcoming guests upon arrival to the nearest airport or port with a firm representative (house manager), who is responsible for (e1) the accompaniment and guidance of the guests for the airport / port to the house, (e2) for the house delivery and its equipment to the guests, (e3) for the planned or extra (if possible) provision of additional services, acting as a mediator between the service providers, and (e4) the guest departure from the house, ensuring that it shall be returned to the owner in the exact condition that it was given. Any complaints about the provision of services inside the house should be reported in writing by the guests to the company prior to their departure day from the house. The company is responsible to forward the complaints to the house owners and it should have an answer within 3 days. There is no matter of compensation to the guests from the house owners for the provision of services inside the house, as long as the guests have approved of the house for the agreed period of time.


Owners’ responsibilities

The owners are responsible for (a) issuing the special registration sign from the G.N.T.O. (Greek National Tourism Organization) for the short period rental of their residence, (b) stating precisely the exact specifications of their residence for the short rental period, (c) insuring their house for its content, (d) maintaining their residence in the condition that it is presented through the firm’s promotion channels, (e) delivering the house clean upon the arrival of the guests, (f) providing cleaning of the house in the frequency specified in the reservation terms, (g) answering to any complaints that the guests have put forward about the residence through the firm, in writing and within 3 days.



Guests’ obligations


All family members / guests of the group are responsible for (a) making the reservation for their short stay in the house they choose with accuracy, (b) adhering to the payment terms as specified by the firm, (c) arriving at the nearest airport / port to the chosen residence on the exact day and at the exact time they have informed the firm with their reservation, (d) signing an inventory form about the house and its equipment, stating in written that they like the residence, (e) paying upon arrival a guarantee fee as it is stated in the reservation terms which will be refunded upon their departure and the returning of the house, (f) preserving the residence in the condition in which it was delivered to them throughout their stay there, (g) respecting the rules of peace and morality as they are defined by the Greek Law during their stay in the residence, (h) moving around on their own from their arrival to the nearest airport / port, during their entire stay, as well as for their departure from the house to the nearest airport / port, (j) delivering the residence in the condition in which they received it to the firm representative (house manager) who acts on behalf of the owner (k) restoring or compensating the owner for any damage they may have caused during their stay.




The deposit amount is usually set to 30% of the total reservation cost. Based on this prepaid rate, in case of cancellation by the guest the following are in force: (a) In the case that cancellation takes place from the reservation day up to 60 days before arrival, then Golden Home Holidays shall withhold 5% of the total reservation cost (service fee) and will return the other 25% to the guest. (b) In the case that cancellation takes place between 60 and 30 days before the day of arrival, G.H.H. shall withhold 50% of the advance payment (15% of the whole reservation cost) and shall return the other 50% to the guest (15% of the entire reservation cost). (c) In the case the cancellation takes place in less than 30 days from the arrival day, the entire amount of the advance payment shall be withheld. In the case that a different rate has been set for the deposit amount, then the same rates will be kept in all of the above cases.




In the event that a house sale happens through Golden Home Holidays, the firm as a mediator is responsible for the agreement and necessary transactions between the two parties. It is orally stated that in the case that a guest residing in a house with the mediation of G.H.H. ends up buying the house, he is obliged to sign the mediation order and pay the brokerage fee to the firm.



Settlement of disputes


The firm, the owners and the guests are bound to resolve in good faith any dispute that may arise during their cooperation. If a friendly settlement is not achieved, then the dispute will be resolved by the Athens courts.